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Are you aware that the OV-1 Mohawk Association has a scholarship program? It was started by Jim Enault, our former Treasurer.

It is maintained and provided by the Army Aviation Association of America, which is also known as Quad-a. Quad-a, provides a perpetual endowment fund that allows us to give an annual scholarship. They provide matching funds for the first $10,000. And once the fund reaches $20,000 the $10,000 is added. Quad-a, provides a scholarship of 3.5% of the principal balance. This means that the scholarship will continue forever. Scholarships have a minimum of $1,000 and increase in increments of $500.

Our present balance is $44,208, thanks to donations of over $34,000 by you, so we can provide a $1,500 scholarship in 2022. In 2020 and 2021 we provided a $1,000 scholarship each year. In 2020 the scholarship went to Mr. Alan Olvey, grandchild of CW2 William M’Nease. In 2021 the scholarship went to Miss Clara Green, grandchild of CW4 John Speckman, Retired.

To qualify you must be a spouse, sibling, child or grandchild of a member of the OV-1 Association, or a deceased member. The application requires a Quad-a membership. Either the veteran or the student must be a member of Quad-a. The veteran’s Quad-a number may be used for any scholarships in the family. If the student applies, then only they can use their Quad-a number. There are time requirements on the application process so check out the application process carefully.

To learn more and apply go to:  www.quad-a.org/scholarship

This is a great plan and as the new Treasurer, I would like us to continue to grow this fund. If you would like to donate to this scholarship fund, you can send a check (payable to the OV-1 Mohawk Association) to me. When our balance reaches $57,200 we can increase the annual scholarship to $2,000 or even provide for two $1,000 scholarships.