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JUNE 2024

Bobby Newland -  bobby.newland@icloud.com

I would love to find Ted Wilson. I served with him in 1970 in the 73rd Avn. Co. All I can remember is he was from somewhere in Pennsylvania. I know it’s not much to go on so thanks if you can help.

Rosemary Dukowski - Darryldukes@verizon.net

My husband of 53 years, Darryl J Dukowski, was a navigator in a Mohawk in Vietnam from 1967 to 1968. He passed on 12/27/23 from agent orange related illnesses. He would never talk about Vietnam (like so many of those who served there) but I’d love to know what airbase in Vietnam the Mohawk flew out if just to get a better idea of where he spent his days there. Thanks for whatever info u might be able to provide.

Good Day Rosemary.  My name is Terry Clark and I am the Communications Director for the OV-1 Mohawk Association.  Thank you for you inquiry.  I served in the US Army for 23 years and flew the OV-1 in Vietnam in 1970. Without knowing what unit your husband served with in his tour, it is hard to give you a lot of information.

During most of the Vietnam era, there were 5 OV-1 units.  In the far north portion was the 131st Aviation Company at Hue/Phu Bai.  All of it's missions were flown outside of South Vietnam in Laos, Cambodia, as well as off shore surveillance of the North Vietnamese coastal waters.

The next unit was in a place called Marble Mountain.  It was a small Army airfield adjacent to the massive base at Danang.  Stationed there was the 245th Aviation Company. It's job was round the clock Radar, photographic and Night Infra-Red low level missions over the northern 1/4th of South Vietnam.

Next was the airfield commonly called Phu Hiep, also Tuy Hoa.  Stationed there was the 225th Aviation Company with the same mission as the 245th, but tasked with the responsibility for the Central Highlands of South Vietnam.

South of Tuy Hoa was the coastal base of Vung Tau.  Stationed there was the 73rd Aviation Company.  They were responsible for the areas surrounding the capital city of Saigon and performed the same missions described above from the coastal waters west to the Cambodian border.

Finally in the southermost tip of South Vietnam at a base called Can Tho the 244th Aviation Company had the responsibility for South Vietnam Delta.

As you can see, if you knew which unit it would be easier to attempt to contact someone that served in that unit to give you more precise information.  What I can do is put up a query on our web page for anyone that served either with your husband or in that same unit to contact you. 

MAY 2024
Dan Wilson - Dlwlv2@gmail.com
From early 1966 thru 67 I served as a clerk in the 220 Aviation Battalion G2 under Major Dwight French and then as his company clerk in the 73rd AC. I wonder if anyone in your organization remembers Major French and whether he’s still alive. He took great care of me and saw that I made Sgt before rotating. Thanks, hope to hear.